With over 20 years of experience in private practice rehabilitation medicine, we have seen and treated thousands of Western New Yorkers, including AHL and NHL athletes. We do not implement a treatment plan that has you lined up in shoebox treatment rooms as we run through adjusting, spending 3 minutes with each patient.  We believe in hands on, detailed soft tissue orthopedic protocols that have been time tested and are extraordinarily effective.

Physical Therapy

Frustrated with a clinic that accepts your $30 copay and implements a strategy that has you and 3 other clients stretching, walking and biking on your own? I am too. I used to work in this environment, and always wondered why somebody would pay a therapist to simply have a space to exercise.  You can do this at home.  In our clinic, we employ techniques that you cannot achieve on your own.  That’s the whole point right?  We employ numerous ancillary therapies as well as hands on techniques including Active Release Technique, Cross Friction Massage, Skin Rolling and Manual Joint Manipulation to name a few.  You will learn why you’re hurting, and how you can get yourself better!  We’ll speed that up with a few office visits of course.

Massage Therapy

We offer a variety of therapeutic massage ranging from Swedish, Deep tissue and Orthopedic based modalities. Massage is a powerful tool to decompress from the aches and pains of daily life, help recover from injury, improve circulation and alleviate the discomforts of pregnancy.  Our focus is to apply an individualized approach to treatment for each of our clients and empower them in their own self-care.  

Union Square rehab offers numerous manual therapeutic techniques.


Dr. Phil Kaczmarek

With 20 years of private practice clinical exposure, Dr. Kaczmarek provides a unique and experienced perspective on your health concerns.  Employing hands on physical therapy and chiropractic techniques has resulted in recovery times and patient experiences that are second to none. Dr. Kaczmarek feels strongly that with education and time tested therapeutic protocols, you can control your own health destiny.  He feels the gadgets and tables (aka SPINAL DECOMPRESSION) are no way to treat your aches and pains.  At the end of the day, any provider can buy a table and push a button.  Signing contracts for your healthcare prior to treatment and independent of outcomes is something he feels is unreasonable.  Dr. Kaczmarek has developed a practice that does not take advantage of the fact that you are in pain, rather helps you understand the process and assists you to full health!

Dr. Thomas Sickler

Along with his expertise in human anatomy Dr. Sickler brings a fresh and open mind to the latest treatment protocols in Chiropractic. As a certified full body Active Release Technique Provider he always addresses the soft tissue structures surrounding all areas of ailment in both the spine and extremities. He strives to succeed at getting his patients free of pain living well and moving well. Dr. Sickler chose this profession after suffering from a lower back injury that prevented him from doing the things he loved like running and playing sports. After just a few treatments from a chiropractor he was back at it and knew if he could provide that same relief to his own patients what a rewarding career he would have.

Erica Kaiser, LMT

A graduate of New York Institute of Massage and SUNY Geneseo, Erica began practicing massage in 2004 with a goal of combining clinical style massage with the relaxing environment of a healing space.  She provides therapy that targets the specific areas causing pain and tension, using methods deeply rooted in Anatomy and Physiology.  She is certified in prenatal massage with advanced training in the treatment of chronic head and neck conditions.  She utilizes her background in yoga to guide clients toward a deeper understanding of posture and movement and how this relates to their overall well-being.