Our Services


We employ science based, modern techniques and philosophies to the time tested treatment protocol. 

Physical Therapy

Hands on, manual techniques that help you feel better in a timely manner.

Massage Therapy

Numerous traditional and modern techniques for total body relaxation and health. 

Our Goals

We educate you about your condition and TEACH YOU about easy routines you can implement to maintain health.  While some require care for chronic pain conditions, it is not a strategy we adhere to.

We accept most insurance plans and offer extremely affordable self pay options.

Our Philosophy


ou control your own fate.  We recognize that you are bombarded with never ending ads for medications, spinal decompression (my grandparents called it traction, if that gives you any indication of the science behind the technique) as well as laser beams and magic braces.  We keep things simple.  We teach you how to correct and maintain health related to many orthopedic conditions.  We hope to have you well on the way to recovery in a handful of treatments.  Endless treatment is not something we enjoy and certainly, you feel the same.  Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

Union Square Rehab & Health offers a unique, hands on approach to rehab. Read More