Decompression SCAM! Dr. Tom special pricing!

We see it fairly regularly, and it makes us sad! A patient will enter our office not only searching for relief with regard to back pain or pelvic concerns, but they ask us for help getting out of a contract they signed for spinal decompression.  We will take you through the facts concerning spinal decompression as we understand them and explain the major ethical concerns we have with marketing for the device.

Spinal rehabilitation exercise on young woman. Spinal Decompression Therapy.


First off, anybody can buy a decompression table. Nobody invented it and has monopolized the market other than the phrases associated with the device. When you read or hear that only a few doctors provide “real” or “true” decompression this is simply a play on words. These providers may have trademarked the words “real decompression” or “true decompression” but in fact, there is no differentiating mechanism when comparing different providers that offer this service.


Spinal decompression tables fall under the same category according to the FDA as old-fashioned traction tables. In fact, there are folks out there who understand traction tables and spinal decompression tables to serve the same exact purpose and simply fall under different names for marketing reasons. Are you grasping the fact that we are one of those folks?


There’s nothing wrong with going for a treatment for spinal decompression, let’s get that straight. What we find extraordinarily concerning is the fact that there are providers who will only treat you with spinal decompression if you sign a contract for extended treatment. This means you’re paying upfront, usually on the order of thousands of dollars, for treatments that you may not need or that are ineffective. This is an extraordinarily unethical process in the medical field… in our opinion. If you want to try decompression and some provider is charging $100, by all means, go for a treatment and see what happens. If anybody forces you to sign a contract for treatment you have not received, run for the hills.


There is no data that states “spinal decompression” is any different, or any more effective, than what my gramps used to call it….TRACTION!


So be careful out there! Don’t let anybody hornswoggle you.  


We offer a straightforward approach to rehab. By offering chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy under one roof we are uniquely positioned to give you a straightforward approach to your pain pattern without salesmanship.  We believe hands-on methods including therapeutic massage, active release technique, and joint mobilization are the most effective protocols to improve your pain quickly! Once we have you out of pain, we will teach you how to stay pain-free once your treatment is completed, ON YOUR OWN.


As luck would have it, Dr. Tom is offering $25 treatment sessions for your first 4 treatments with him.  Additionally, most major insurance plans are accepted at our office.


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